Mommy musings

Part of my job as a lawyer is handling abuse and neglect cases (sometimes I have the children, sometimes the parents). It’s all highly confidential so I won’t ever discuss details here; however, as I sat through around 3 hours of A&N proceedings this morning (typical Monday), I couldn’t help but marvel in how much I love my own daughter, how much I want to protect her, love her, bring her joy, etc. As I listened to a case I was not involved in, I found myself writing a short manifesto of sorts centered around my beautiful child:

“I love my daughter so much it is hard to describe. She deserves a clean, organized house. She deserves a mother who cares about her own health and takes care of herself for the sake of being a better mother. My daughter deserves a mother who has a good relationship with God so that I can in turn foster my daughter’s relationship with God. My child deserves to have a mom that works on having a healthy, loving relationship with her dad (my husband). My daughter deserves a happy childhood; she deserves to have a solid, healthy, loving, positive role model. My daughter deserves my attention, my time, my regard, my love.”

Keep in mind this was written quickly and from the heart – “Deserve” isn’t really the right word to use because it implies there could ever be a way my daughter “didn’t deserve” these things; but, it’s the word that came to me on the fly. I believe all of these things are my daughter’s right as a child of this world. There is nothing she could ever do that would render this manifesto null and void. As I’m sure most moms do, I worry that I’m not doing things as right or as well as I should. I just hope and pray every day that I am able to live up to the honor of being her mother.

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