Paleo “fast food”

My 10:30 AM court hearing went well past the noon hour and I didn’t get done until around 12:40; as such, I didn’t have time to run home to make a healthy lunch as I’d planned. Enter in another paleo fast food fix. In South Dakota, we have Taco John’s (similar to Taco Bell, but loads tastier in my opinion). I ordered the ground beef taco salad, no cheese, no black olives (’cause I’m as picky as a 4 year old) and no dressing. Essentially, my salad was lettuce, tomatoes, extra meat, and I used salsa for my dressing. I won’t eat the taco shell bowl (now that I think about it, I should have just ordered it without the shell, duh!). Overall, it’s a delicious, fast lunch – despite the meat not being grass-fed. To be successfully paleo for me, means it needs to be practical. Of course it would have been “better” if I’d been prepared with a homemade lunch or if court hadn’t run long, but life is what it is. I’m happy with my choice! Another great “fast food” paleo lunch BTW is ordering the naked burrito from Chipotle or Qdoba – no beans, no rice, choice of meat, lettuce, vegetables, guac….YUM.

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