I need to stop f***ing swearing so much!

Being a Lady

It is the truth universally recognized (or just recognized by me…close enough) that when you go to law school – no matter your Midwestern good girl background – you are guaranteed to leave school swearing like a sailor. And not a well-versed cursing sailor either; no, the word most likely to escape your lips in virtually any sentence is the infamous F-Bomb. I’m not sure I could throw out an educated guess as to the number of times I throw out F-Bombs in a given day. I’m including all versions of the F-Bomb – even the now socially acceptable “WTF?” expression. As a lawyer, I’m adept at avoiding inappropriate language in court, with clients, etc. But it’s almost as if penting up my inner sailor intermittently throughout the day results in a Tourette’s-esq explosion the rest of the time.

I know I need to stop swearing. Well, “need” is too strong a word. I know could get through life with the rest of the Void, swearing without a care and it wouldn’t destroy my life. It’s more an innate desire to stop swearing because I know I can be better. I read once that a lawyer successfully reduced his usage of the F-Bomb by writing it on an index card in big, black, block letters with a giant “X” through the word and taped it to his bathroom mirror. It didn’t take much effort on his part because his subconscious would remember the forbidden “X” through the word and he naturally began saying it less and less. Since I stare at my computer screen much of the work day, I’m going to do this right now with a post-it and permanent marker. I’ll let you know if I notice a difference!

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