AM Improv

Okay, so jumping into Paleo again completely unprepared is not the best recipe for success. When I say “unprepared” I simply mean I didn’t have a chance to go to the store last night and bulk up on healthy stuff. My little peanut, or DD (“darling daughter”), has been home sick from daycare with Gunk in the Lungs (I’m pretty sure that’s the proper medical terminology). Because she was a micro-preemie (born weighing 1 pound at 25 weeks!!), her lungs are a little jacked up compared to your average toddler. We had to give her nebs through the night while alternating baby ibuprofen and tylenol. She’s staying home today with DH (“darling husband”).

Anyhoo! Didn’t get to the grocery store last night. So, on my way to work this morning I improvised my paleo breakfast by stopping at the Burger King drive-thru. I ordered a side of eggs and a side of sausage with black coffee. The meal cost around $3 (which I think is cheaper than any of the their regular meals) and it was as paleo as I could get in a pinch! I’m sure the oil used to cook the eggs and sausage isn’t paleo, nor are the eggs and meat grassfed; BUT the important thing is that I had a meal as paleo as possible under the circumstances.

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